"Doctor" translated in Latin means "To Teach".

Although Chiropractic Adjustments are awesome to give/receive, it doesn't fix ignorance. We respect our patients' bodies that every visit, we spend a few moments teaching and reviewing daily posture. Generally speaking, it's not what you do once or twice that hurts you, but what you do consistently all day long. Poor posture can be caused by many different factors, such as Unhealthy Habits and Poor Muscle Tone. We will review your daily routines for postural analysis from texting, sitting, sleeping positions, to daily walking, to exercising, etc. Sometimes corrections are to simply hold your head back while you sit, or stand, or while working out...OR WHILE TEXTING =)  Sometimes corrections are to be done by building muscle of the upper back, or the lower abdominal wall, etc.

Watch how many aches and pains disappear when your posture is in the right position!!